For more than 80 years, we have cultivated our unique services, which have firmly established our place in the industry.  Our experience and creative expertise allow us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.  We are proud of our rich heritage.

In 1927 we were founded under the name Herbert A. Sullivan, Inc. in Worcester, Massachusetts.

In  1937 we designed the first insurance and risk management program for Table Talk Pastry Company, which became the world's largest pie manufacturer. Then, we managed Table Talk's insurance and risk management needs for the next 31 years, until Table Talk was sold in 1968.

In 1944 we designed the first insurance and risk management program for Northeast Petroleum Industries, which became the largest independent petroleum marketer in the Northeast. Then we managed Northeast's insurance and risk management needs for the next 34 years until Northeast was sold in 1978.

In 1970 the Water Quality Improvement Act was passed in the U.S., which mandated that $14.4 million of oil pollution liability was to be jointly and severally shared, on a no- fault basis, by the owner of the petroleum tanker or barge carrying the product, the owner of the product and the owner of any terminal the product was approaching, if it polluted the water. In response to this, in 1971 we designed the world's first charterer's liability insurance to include U.S. no- fault pollution liability to U.S. $14.4 million with the Arundel, Norway, P & I Club, Gard, for charterer's of tankers and barges transporting petroleum products anywhere in the world. We retained the North American exclusive for this coverage until the London insurance market responded with their own Water Quality Improvement Act coverage some years later.

In 1972 we designed and managed the first U.S. insurance program for an independent petroleum marketer trade association with our program for the Independent Oil Men's Association of New England.  We managed this program for the next decade, during which time we designed other independent petroleum marketer trade association insurance programs, most notably for the New Jersey Fuel Merchants Association, in 1976.

In 1973 we designed the first insurance and risk management program for Global Petroleum Corp, which became the largest independent petroleum marketer in the Northeast. Then we managed Global's insurance and risk management needs for the next 32 years, until Global went public with its Initial Public Offering of November, 2005.

In 1988 we designed the first U.S. underground storage tank pollution liability policy pursuant to the new regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency''s Office of Underground Storage Tanks and wrote the certificate of financial responsibility which is still in use today.

In 1990 we designed the first insurance and risk management program for the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America  (SIGMA), headquartered in Washington, D.C., whose 250 members sell over 30% of the motor fuel sold in North America. We enjoy SIGMA's support to this day. 

In 2009 we designed our newest insurance and risk management innovation for independent petroleum marketers. Our newest program emphasizes upstream and downstream petroleum marketer relationships to promote program participation and build synergism. Our new program includes  sophisticated above-ground and below-ground storage tank and site pollution environmental coverage. It can embrace all the insurance and risk management needs of the independent petroleum marketer community, ranging from marine terminal operations to marine wholesalers to chain retailers of motor fuels to oil dealers. It even embraces owner/operators of single-tank storage sites. Our current program is the essence of flexibility and provides the broadest coverage for the community in the marketplace.

Today our CEO and President, John Herbert Sullivan, continues the legacy. The second generation owner of Sullivan Risk Management Group, founded by his father, Herbert A. Sullivan, John has made developing coverage innovation and preserving long-term relationships his hallmark. 

John received his A.B. in English Literature from the University of Notre Dame. He went on to get a Doctor of Laws from Boston College Law School, and finished 4th in his Massachusetts bar examination. As a continuing member of the Massachusetts Bar ever since, John has combined his legal expertise with his insurance acumen to draft innovative insurance coverages, sophisticated claims management programs, comprehensive risk control protocols and particularly insurance and risk management programs for commercial insurance buyers that satisfy both the needs of the commercial buyers and the appetites of insurance underwriters.

At John's initiative, Sullivan Risk Management became the first Massachusetts member of The Association of International  Insurance Agents, now Intersure, in 1971. Then, in 1984, he facilitated Sullivan Risk Management's election to membership in The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, the world's foremost insurance agent and broker organization whose 300 U.S. members sell over 80% of the commercial property and casualty insurance sold in North America.

In 1985 John was elected an Underwriting Member of Lloyd's, London, and uses this outreach to good advantage in the London insurance market place in the design and implementation of, particularly, maritime programs.

John runs Sullivan Risk Management Group on a daily, hands-on basis, with the able assistance of a brilliant team of innovators. He is active in both civic and charitable outreach, ranging from a life membership in the Beacon Hill Civic Association to decades as a board member of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's New England Chapter.